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BRIG has a qualified team, and strategic alliances with associations, professionals, and related businesses, which allows us to provide full services, from drafting service, engineering, and other contracts; to representation in cases of litigation or arbitration, at the national and international level, of any nature related to the construction sector.


BRIG’s services are focused on preventing legal liabilities during the performance of activities and throughout the construction and real estate processes; as well as for the final product. We also participate in various conflict resolution processes.


Other fundamental benefits of BRIG legal advice lies in the fact that our lawyers provide counsel for infrastructure project development as well as for conflict resolution, which makes it possible for them to have a deep understanding of the entire cycle of a construction project.


Also, BRIG has a Business Intelligence Division, which keeps our clients informed about the latest investment opportunities for the industry, and the relevant information for its processes – write to for affiliation.


BRIG specialist provides legal advice for:

  • Construction project financing

  • Contracts for services, engineering, and other contracts related to real estate construction

  • Concessions Contracts

  • Public and Private Works Contracts

  • Construction and Supplies Contracts

  • Processing construction licenses, and other required paperwork

  • Preparing claims related to Construction Contracts

  • Litigation and Arbitration regarding Construction

Construction Law

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