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Consumer Protection & Antitrusts

BRIG provides advice with regards to restructuring businesses according to Panama antotrust laws, and provide representation at relevant organizations, as well as requesting and obtaining the authorizations required in business integration proceedings.

BRIG also provides advice with regards to the competition’s restrictive practices as per local regulations and international treaties, as well as with issues of unfair competition, administrative proceedings, and litigation related to the Competitor’s Rights.

BRIG also engages in reviewing contracts and other documents to ensure its adjustment to the relevant regulations, and managing licenses and authorizations with the corresponding administrative authorities, BRIG provides advice in the correct compliance of the Habeas Data law – pertaining to the protection of your company’s data and information (clients, providers, among others).



Intellectual Property


BRIG’s team has specialized staff in the registration of trademarks, patents, and other legal paperwork relative to Intellectual and Industrial Property, as well as providing advice for litigation regarding patents and industrial models, Internet domains, licenses, franchises, trade secrets protection, copyright for publications, software, apps, literary works, and others.

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