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Graciela Josefina Dixon Caton, Partner



With over thirty five years of solid experience, Graciela Dixon has excelled in the areas of Civil and Commercial Litigation and Arbitration.  She specializes in Criminal Law, Human Rights and Constitutional Law.


Graciela J. Dixon Caton, served for 10 years as Justice for the Panamanian Supreme Court from January 1998 to December 2007.  During her last two years as President of Panama’s Supreme Court, sensitive improvements to the judiciary modernization program were introduced, among which was the “Paperless Justice” (online procedures) as a step to reduce time and enhance effectiveness in judicial procedures as well as to increase transparency. 


At present Justice Dixon Caton is currently one of seven judges of the Inter-American Development Bank Administrative Tribunal in Washington D.C. She is also an active National and International Commercial Arbitrator for the Panamanian Center for Dispute Resolutions (CESCON) which operates at the Panamanian Construction Chamber, as well as for the Panamanian Conciliation and Arbitration Center (CeCAP) operating under the Panamanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. She’s been on the Madrid Official Chamber of Commerce Arbitration roster. She has also served as Expert Witness before the International Investment Arbitration Center (CIADI) in Washington D.C., as well as international commercial arbitration disputes in Miami, USA. 


Justice Dixon has lectured in numerous international and national arbitration conferences adding practical experience as she has served as Arbitrator in construction and commercial arbitration procedures (individually and as part of a panel).


Justice Dixon Caton was Vice President and member of the Authority for the Inter Oceanic Region in the Republic of Panama which was in charge of the transition process and development of territories and infrastructure reverted to Panamanian Jurisdiction from the former Canal Zone in compliance with international treaties signed between the Republic of Panama and the United States of America.


In the world of Academics, Justice Dixon has taught Political Science, Social Security Law and Human Rights Law as a professor at the University of Panama as well as the Latin American University of Science and Technology in the Republic of Panama. She has also served as visiting professor at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. Justice Dixon Caton has lectured in Universities of many countries around the world, including Harvard Law School in Boston Massachusetts, Medgar Evers Collage in New York City, University of Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic, and the City Montessori School in Lucknow, India among others.


At an international level since 2011, Justice Dixon Caton is currently a member of the Committee of Experts on the application of international conventions and rules for the International Labor Organization. She has also served as a Consultant for UNICEF, and acted as president for the United Nations International Human Rights Conference held in Geneva in 2011. Justice Dixon Caton was appointed by the United Nations as an Independent Observer for the installation of the Republic of Ecuador’s Supreme Court. In March 2018 Justice Dixon Caton was the Keynote Speaker at the High Level Commemorative Meeting of the LXXII Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations to Mark the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. She has also been President of the International Association of Women Judges which at the time gathered over four thousand women judges from around the world. At a regional level, Justice Dixon Caton served as President for the Latin American Federation of Judges which gathers Associations of Judges for at least 15 Latin American and Caribbean countries and is also a consultative body for the American States Organization.


Justice Graciela J. Dixon Caton is a member of the Panamanian Barr Association.  She is a specialist in High Level Education, as well as in Criminal Law, Human Rights and Constitutional Law and was trained in International Commercial Arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce Institute in Paris.  Justice Dixon Caton is fluent in Spanish and English, and she also reads, writes and speaks French, moderately.

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