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Corporate law

BRIG has represented a great number of national and international corporations from the beginning, advising in the creation of a structure that best suits their needs. We support the review and creation of all kinds of trade contracts, whether they are purchasing and sales, distribution, representation, Joint Venture, franchise, among others.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We represent clients in a wide range of transactions, including acquisitions and sales of public and private companies, subsidiaries, and divisions, acquisition offers, mergers, business partnerships, and strategic alliances, leveraged companies, and the investment of private capital in public and private companies.

Corporate Governance


Best practices in corporate governance have become one of the main concerns for modern companies, particularly those that participate in capital markets.


BRIG provides advice in the drafting and preparation of Code of Best Corporate Practices, Codes of Business Conduct, and others, as well as in defining and structuring policies and report presentation for the compliance of new regulatory requirements and market standards.

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